A good heart is the sun and the moon; or rather the the sun and not the moon, for it shines brightly and never changes.

-William Shakespeare

They say a star is born the day a person is born. The heavens come together and birth a star which shines brightest over the newborn and serves as one’s light throughout life, often dying or diminishing in brightness when one leaves this world. While these may be folklore, or tales told to entangle our lives with the cosmos, I firmly believe that the skies were full of stars, shining brighter than they’d ever shine the day you came into this world. Ever since that day, every September 25th has been a special day. Just like the weather smiles at all of us today, and just like the stars will shine and dance over you tonight, so will you smile and shine throughout the age of 20.

But who is my cuddlebunny🤗, who is Amaka🥰, who is she to someone who’s never met her?. Her star🌠 describes her as a libra♎, libra the conscience, a person of justice and of balance. Diplomatic, loving peace and harmony, adventure, excitement in life, traveling, charismatic, not needing to work hard to get noticed, and one of my favourites, born romantics. While these can describe her a bit, they don’t do her the justice she deserves. If you had a device that checked the stats or qualities of anyone the device was pointed to, these would checkout as her stat points:
Beautiful ☺️
Amazing smile😁
Slow to anger😅
Full of love🥰
Beautiful ☺️
Self sacrifice 👍
Romantic 💏
Lover of peace🏳
Beautiful ☺️
Rihanna (good girl gone bad😏)😇💋😎
Loyal (very loyal) 🤐😉
Good companion👫
And so much more…
Enter a room with these qualities in mind and you’d identify her with ease. It’s like the atmosphere around her sways people towards her. It’s hard to dislike her. I swear when she talks I hear doves singing Cinderella songs all around.

Today is your day baby, today is all you, all about you. Have a blast today love.
I love you sugarplum❤ and Happy Birthday 🎁🎉🍰